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Cody ~~~~ My Darling redwitch We are here today to "formalize" the joining of Our hearts,
Cody ~~~~ Our lives, and Our souls....I say "formalize" because I feel We are already
Cody ~~~~ Our love growing day by day, getting stronger, deeper
Cody ~~~~ My Darling YOU are My life, My inspiration, My Lover, My Supporter
Cody My Best Friend Cody ~~~~ I vow now in front of Friends that I will be here for You always
Cody ~~~~ forever... I will be Your strongest support in times of weakness
Cody ~~~~ Your caregiver in times of illness, Your provider in times of need
Cody ~~~~ I will be here to celebrate the joyous, happy times with You
Cody ~~~~ I will console You in times of mourning,
Cody ~~~~ be here when You need an ear to bend from life's troubles
Cody ~~~~ I pray that I can be as much support for You in rough times as You have been for Me
Cody ~~~~ You are My life My Darling, not a second goes by be it day or night
Cody ~~~~ that Im not thinking of You, hoping Your day is going well
Cody ~~~~ To borrow and modify a verse from a song
Cody ~~~~ I look at You and Angels Start singing.. such a heavenly sight"
Cody ~~~~ I am looking at the most Beautiful Woman in the Universe.
Cody ~~~~ I will be here for You, take care of You, protect You with every breath I breathe
Cody ~~~~ every second of My life til the last breathe leaves My lungs
Cody ~~~~ tonight I'll ask the stars above how did I ever win Your love
Cody ~~~~ I love You My Darling redwitch and will forever be honored to call You My slave.

redwitch_ ****** My Love Master Cody, As We today join Our hearts, Our lives and Our souls.
redwitch_ ****** I am so proud to stand beside You and comfirm Our Love which We know to be true.
redwitch_ ****** My Love You are my everything.
redwitch_ ****** I love You with all my heart
redwitch_ ****** I vow in the presense of these freinds that I will always be here for You forever
redwitch_ ****** I submit to You my allegiance, my heart, my body and my soul.
redwitch_ I will take in to my keeping Your heart, Your body and Your soul
redwitch_ ****** And protect them forever with all of my being.
redwitch_ ****** I vow to be true to You, respect You, love you and grow with You through the rest of Our lives
redwitch_ ****** With an open hand i offer You a place in my heart and soul and vow that
redwitch_ i will always love You, respect You, be honest and faithful to You
redwitch_ ****** My Love i cherish You and will always be with You to celebrate the good times and share the rough times
redwitch_ ****** I vow here that this love will be my only love.
redwitch_ ****** I will make my home in your heart from this day forward.
redwitch_ ****** I will be bound to You forever and always
redwitch_ ****** I love You Master Cody and will forever be honored to call you my Dominant, my Master
redwitch_ ****** I love you very much My Darling redwitch_ ****** With these vows I sudmit my heart, my life and my soul
redwitch_ ****** Master Cody will You accept my submission to You, offer me Your collar, and have me be Your slave forever?
Cody ~~~~ redwitch will you kneel before me
redwitch_ ****** Yes MAster Cody ~~~~ redwitch with My collar I put on you I will take you for My slave for ever
redwitch_ ****** i accept Your collar and will be Your slave and be owned by You for life
Cody ~~~~ kisseesss honey I love you
redwitch_ ****** kisses my Darling i love You too
Cody ~~~~ lap plz

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Shania Twain & Brian Adams

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